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Managed Internet Access

Managed Internet Access is the most popular Broadband4 product. It is a fully inclusive solution which includes Connectivity, Hardware and Installation as well as managed Firewall and Content Filtering from Lightspeed systems.

Lightspeed offers a fully granular filtering solution integrated with your on premises directory services platform (such as Active Directory). This granularity allows filtering rules to be deployed down to an individual user level, rather than by groups, VLAN or Subnet. All Broadband4 customers have access to their own Web Filtering control panel allowing them to manage filtering rules themselves making changes instantly.


Lightspeed Systems are members of the Internet Watch Foundation and are fully compliant with all UK Legislation such as PREVENT, meaning you can be sure that users are as safe as possible from internet threats.

The Broadband4 managed internet access product offers speeds of up to 10Gbps and can be delivered on FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet), Leased Line or Wireless connectivity (within range of our Wireless Network).

All Broadband4 Managed Internet Access products are protected by a robust firewall and includes a number of static external IP addresses as required. The managed firewall and web filtering solution is hosted within our London Docklands datacentre location and is protected by multiple redundant services, such as power and cooling.

Broadband4 Managed Internet Access is suitable for both Primary and Secondary school applications and is the simplest way to connect to our network, with service being billed annually with a single cost, which is fully inclusive of support. All our contracts are 3 Year (many competitors require a 5 commitment), meaning that schools can always be assured of best value when it comes to their connectivity services.

All Broadband4 Managed Internet Services can be specified with a dedicated backup service offering seamless failover in the event of a service failure.

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